About Us

Inspections 'R' Us is a nationwide business focusing on your inspections needs, whether they are HOA violations, rental properties or commercial properties.  Inspections are our only focus so you know you are in good hands when you hire us.  Our success is based on your happiness with our inspection services.

Inspections 'R' Us is the offspring of the parent company QPHI, LLC, which has been doing inspections for more than 10 years for banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies and FEMA.  We have trained, quailifed inspectors across the nation ready to serve you.

We have offices in Texas, Minnesota, and Tennessee.

Our inspections save you money!  Here's how:

  • We cover your inspections nationwide.
  • Your managers spend less time in the field, more time focusing on your clients.
  • Our proprietary software has no monthly fees.
  • We keep your properties happy with you by keeping their values higher.
  • We help properties identify problem areas and preventing possible lawsuits using trained professionals taking LOTS of pictures.  Having inspections with pictures helps identify problems and proves your case should you find yourself in court.

We are affordable!

  • Our services will pay for themselves by keeping your employee expenses down.
  • Having inspections performed by us monthly creates more eyes on your neighborhood for identifying structural issues. 


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